Aluminum Alloy Gravity Casting Mold And Use Steps

- Aug 23, 2018-

While advanced equipment is an essential factor in ensuring product quality, the role of molds in casting is equally important. Especially for aluminum alloy auto parts manufacturers, the accuracy and durability of the mold have a significant impact on product quality.

For ferrous metal casting, the mold is more for the formation of the mold cavity. In general, the mold itself is not directly in contact with the molten metal, especially for the non-metal mold castings with complicated shapes, and the contact with the hot metal liquid is the shape. The material, mainly the molding sand, makes the modeling material a major factor affecting the quality of the casting.

The aluminum alloy gravity casting is different. Because the melting point of the aluminum alloy is low, the casting performance is good. In the mass production, the shape of the casting is generally formed directly by the mold, such as the aluminum alloy cylinder and the cylinder head of the engine. This not only helps to improve labor productivity, but more importantly, it controls the structure and grain size of castings by adjusting the temperature distribution of different parts of the mold, improves the quality of castings, and avoids the environment caused by the large use of modeling materials. Pollution has improved the working conditions of the workshop. As the shape of the casting is different, the aluminum alloy gravity casting molds are also different. Even in the same part, different casting processes are used, and the mold forms are often different, but in any case, aluminum alloy gravity casting molds have their commonalities.