Analysis Of The Causes Of Mold Failure

- Aug 22, 2018-

From the current actual situation, there are five main reasons for mold failure: plastic deformation failure; wear failure; fatigue failure; cold and heat fatigue failure; failure under the influence of comprehensive factors.

1.Plastic deformation failure

Mainly because the strength level of the mold material is not high; or the heat treatment process is not correct, failing to reach the best toughness of the steel; improper use of the mold causes local overload; the high temperature softening of the hot mold will also cause the thermoplastic deformation of the mold. . Failure of the shape deformation can cause deformation of the mold, which ultimately affects the quality of the forging.

2. Mold wear failure

The root cause of mold wear failure is the friction between the mold and the blank. However, the specific form of wear and the wear process are related to many factors, such as the pressure, temperature, billet deformation speed and lubrication condition of the mold during the working process. 

For hot working molds, the wear resistance of the cavity surface is softened due to high temperature softening, and the scale itself acts as an abrasive, which determines that the wear process is more complicated. The wear failure of the mold mainly causes the forging die to wear, which affects the precision of the forging.