Analysis Of The Causes Of Welded Joints In Plastic Products

- Jul 27, 2018-

2. Mold aspect

(1) If there are too many gates in the same cavity, the gate or symmetrical setting should be reduced, or as close as possible to the fusion joint.

(2) Exhaust system should be opened if the exhaust at the weld joint is poor.

(3) If the sprue is too large and the pouring system is not properly sized, the gate is opened to avoid the flow of the melt around the insert hole, or the insert is used as little as possible.

(4) If the wall thickness changes too much, or the wall thickness is too thin, the wall thickness of the part should be uniform.

(5) If necessary, a fusion well shall be opened at the weld seam to disengage the weld joint from the workpiece.

3. Plastics

(1) Lubricants and stabilizers should be added to plastics with poor fluidity or heat sensitivity.

(2) Plastics contain a lot of impurities, and if necessary, change the quality of the plastic.