Analysis Of The Specific Causes Of The Silver Wire Of Injection Molded Parts

- Jul 05, 2018-

Analysis of the reasons for the mold:

(1) poor exhaust.

(2) The frictional resistance of the runners, gates and cavities in the mold is large, causing local overheating and decomposition.

(3) Unbalanced distribution of gates and cavities, unreasonable cooling system will cause heat imbalance and localized overheating or obstruction of air passages.

(4) the cooling passage leaks into the cavity.

(5) The plastic injection part has some unplasticized plastic cold material, which increases the size of the cold material hole; expands the tail of the flow channel to form an additional plastic cold material hole; uses electric heating nozzle and nozzle sleeve.

(6) The runners and gates are too small or too long, causing the plastic to condense during transport and, if necessary, increasing the diameter of the runner and the depth of the gate.