Analysis Of The Specific Causes Of The Silver Wire Of Injection Molded Parts

- Jul 05, 2018-

Analysis of the reasons for the process:


(1)Set temperature, pressure, speed, back pressure, melt motor speed is too high to cause decomposition, or pressure, speed is too low, injection time, insufficient pressure, low back pressure, due to failure to obtain high pressure and density Insufficient gas cannot be melted and silver streaks appear. Appropriate temperature, pressure, speed and time should be set and multi-stage injection speed should be used.

(2)The back pressure is low and the rotation speed is fast, so that the air enters the barrel, and the molten material enters the mold. When the period is too long, the melt is decomposed in the barrel due to excessive heat, and the plastic stays in the shot tank for too long, reducing Total cycle time; injection volume is too small for injection molding requirements (20% to 80% of machine injection is recommended).

(3)Insufficient material, the feeding cushion is too large, the material temperature is too low or the mold temperature is too low, which affects the flow of the material and the molding pressure, and promotes the formation of bubbles.

(4)The surface temperature of the molten rubber is too high, and the temperature of the shooting cylinder is lowered; the temperature of the melting glue is too low, so that the filling time of the mold is unstable, the temperature of the shooting cylinder is increased; the temperature of the nozzle is increased; and the filling speed of the mold is increased.

(5) There is too much mold release agent on the surface of the mold, and the surface of the mold is thoroughly cleaned with white fine.