Application Of CNC Special Processing In Mold Manufacturing

- Sep 10, 2018-

CNC special processing technology is formed by multi-disciplinary integration, including computer technology, measurement technology, modern mechanical manufacturing technology, automation control technology and microelectronic technology. Through the integration of these disciplines, the original manual operation will be transformed. For electronic control, it is truly mechanized, which in turn provides the manufacturing and manufacturing efficiency and efficiency of the entire manufacturing industry. In order to realize the effective application of CNC special processing technology in mold manufacturing, the following points need to be achieved.

1. Choose the right CNC machine tool

The core device of CNC machine tools is composed of hardware devices such as printed circuit boards, tape readers, CRT monitors and various software. The hardware devices can be controlled by software programs to realize data changes, interpolation operations, etc. Very high precision and stability compared to conventional machine tools.

There are many types of CNC machine tools. In the process of mold processing, suitable CNC machine tools should be selected according to the different properties of the products. Only a reasonable choice of CNC machine tools can effectively reduce production costs in line with production requirements. For example, rotating molds such as car holes, car planes, wine bottles, wine glasses, etc. usually use CNC turning, and for molds with complex shapes and contours such as die-casting molds and injection molds, EDM can be selected. And CNC milling is used. At the same time, when the inside of the mold is drilled or the inner cavity is beautified, CNC electric spark forming can be used. For the curved mold with high precision, CNC grinding can be used.