Application Of CNC Special Processing In Mold Manufacturing

- Sep 10, 2018-

2. Improve production efficiency through optimization procedures

First of all, in the NC machining process, adjustment of the process program cannot be absolutely accurate, and an adjustment error will occur. Then the cause of machine tool error is mainly machine tool manufacturing error, installation error and wear. The main reasons are: manufacturing error of positioning component, tool guiding component, indexing mechanism, clip concrete, etc.; after assembling the fixture, the above various component working faces Relative dimensional error between the two; the error caused by the wear of the working surface of the fixture during use.

Secondly, due to the deformation of the force and the overheating of the program system, the deformation may cause errors, which affects the dimensional accuracy and production efficiency of the mold.

Among the CNC special processing technologies, CNC programming technology is one of the most important technologies, and his level has a very close relationship with programming skills. Therefore, programmers are required to carefully control the machining time, program and quality when programming CNC programming technology to reduce various error problems that may occur during the machining process. At the same time, in the setting of programming technology instructions, try to Reduce non-cutting time to increase the productivity of mold manufacturing. For example, it is possible to properly compress the time when the start and stop transfer is fast moving, the positioning is coincident, and the like, so as to save time and improve work efficiency.