Application Of CNC Special Processing In Mold Manufacturing

- Sep 10, 2018-

3. Reasonable improvement of processing technology

First of all, under the conditions of market competition, the development of CNC special processing technology should conform to the requirements of mold development. Therefore, CNC special processing technology needs to pay attention to technology development and improve processing technology to improve the quality of mold processing.

Secondly, the main factors affecting the accuracy of CNC vehicles are as follows.

(1) The installation level of the CNC machine tool directly or indirectly affects the size of the workpiece;

(2) The tightness of the connecting screws between the electric turret and the middle pallet directly affects the quality of the machining accuracy;

(3) The tightness of the spindle lock nut directly or indirectly affects the ellipticity of the workpiece;

(4) The precision of repeated positioning of the electric turret can directly affect the quality of the precision of the workpiece. It should be periodically disassembled and related cleaning and maintenance measures;

(5) The tightness of the nut at the connection position between the XZ-axis screw and the middle pallet directly affects the processing precision;

(6) If the lock nut of the XZ-axis screw is loosened due to its looseness, it will also affect the density of the part.

In general, in order to further ensure the machining accuracy in the machining of CNC shaft parts, it is necessary to effectively screen the tool materials, ensure the cutting amount and the geometric parameters of the tool, make full use of the cooling lubrication, and prepare the knife grinding to reduce the wear. Improve and optimize the performance of the material to promote the increase of the rigidity of the tool, and then it is necessary to properly clamp the workpiece to avoid deformation of the workpiece.

In addition, the control and grasp of the length, diameter and machining accuracy of the CNC shaft parts should also pay attention to two major points: on the one hand, control and grasp the length dimension of the CNC shaft parts, whether it is a rough turning tool or a precision turning tool, it must have a uniform end face. Especially for fine turning knives, if you want to carry out mass production, you should also find a suitable positioning point; on the other hand, control and grasp the diameter of the CNC shaft parts, and the same rough turning knives and precision turning knives must be flushed. In order to accurately measure the size of the parts, we must use the "secondary finishing car". When finishing the machining, we must pay special attention to the difference between the roughing knife and the finishing knife. When measuring, we must adhere to the principle of accuracy and accuracy, and at the time of inspection. It is necessary to ensure that the “first inspection”, “mutual inspection” and “final inspection” and “three inspections” guidelines are in place.