Application Of Hot Runner Technology For Injection Molds

- Jul 30, 2018-

2. Save plastic

1) With the traditional cold runner, there will be a cold head, resulting in additional costs. As a simple example, if the cold head accounts for 68% of the scrap rate (in the case of manufacturing, 1kg of material can only produce 320g of product, while the remaining 680g is a cold head), although the cold head is still recyclable, Due to the influence of human factors and the mixing ratio of recycled materials, in order to maintain normal operation, some cold heads must be accumulated, thus causing the retention of funds.

(2) The hot runner can be used in the field of high speed injection molding. High-speed injection molding not only improves the efficiency of molding, but is also necessary for controlling the wall thickness of products such as cups and containers.

(3) Applied in a laminated mold. For thin-walled and large-volume products, such as CD casings, with a 15% increase in clamping force, an 80% increase in throughput can be achieved over the same injection time.