Automatic Insert Molding System Design Choices Considerations

- Aug 20, 2018-

1. Metal insert molding is prone to uneven molding shrinkage, and the limit test of shape and dimensional accuracy of important parts should be done in advance.

2. The metal insert is easily deformed and displaced during the injection process, and the design of the mold and the design of the mold shape for easily maintaining the metal insert should be fully considered. For products whose insert shape cannot be changed, prior testing is indispensable.

3. When the metal inserts are arranged and separated and the conveyor is used, the contact between the metal inserts and the inserts and the vibrating balls may cause slight damage to the surface of the insert, which may affect the quality of the product. The quality tolerance limits should be confirmed in advance.

4. The zigzag shape, the amount of warpage, the difference in material thickness, the difference in diameter, and the difference in thickness caused by gold processing should be measured in advance due to the press working. On this basis, the design and design of the automation device and the design of the mold structure are carried out.

5. The position of the mold gate, the molding cycle, etc., which are predictive of the mold structure, are solved as much as possible or have corresponding improvement measures.

6. It should be confirmed whether the metal insert needs to be preheated or dried. The purpose is to ensure product quality and stability of the molding.