Automatic Insert Molding System Design Choices Considerations

- Aug 20, 2018-

7. The various testing devices installed in the mold are used to ensure the stability of the molding action under the influence of environmental conditions such as heat, force and vibration of the mold. It should be confirmed whether it is used or not.

8. In order to prevent the metal inserts and the fine pieces of the molded product from accumulating in the cavity, the air blowing device can be assembled if necessary.

9. Due to the high investment price of system equipment, it is necessary to fully consider whether it can ensure the production volume after the equipment is operated. In the case of a dedicated machine, it is necessary to ensure that the product has no form to update the premise of continuous production for several years.

10. When using a general-purpose machine, it is necessary to confirm how many combinations of multi-variety and small-volume inserts are produced. If mass production is not guaranteed as a whole, the recovery of fixed assets of one product is difficult. In this case, after replacing a part of the device, it can be adapted to the variety update requirements within a certain range.

11. Determining the insert molding rate, productivity and molding cost conditions, such as the accuracy of the metal insert, the shape of the insert, whether the mold is conducive to the shape of the insert and the shape of the molded article, and many other technical factors.

12. The effective combination of the injection machine, the mold, the automation device and how to function in a short time is the key to determining the automatic insert molding system. It is recommended to consult with manufacturers who have considerable experience and experience.