Automobile Stamping Die Classification

- Sep 03, 2018-

Stampings on automotive bodies are broadly divided into cover members, beam members, and general stampings. A stamping that can clearly represent the characteristics of a car is a car cover. 

Therefore, the more specific automobile mold can be said to be "automotive cover stamping die", referred to as automobile cover stamping die. For example, the front door outer panel trimming die, the front door inner panel punching die, and the like.

Of course, there are not only stampings on the car body. The molds for all stampings on the car are called “automotive stamping dies”. Summarized as follows.

1. Automotive molds are the general term for molds that make all the parts on a car.

2. The automobile stamping die is a mold for punching all the stamping parts on the car.

3. The automobile body stamping die is a die that punches all the stamping parts on the car body.

4. Auto Cover Stamping Die is a mold that punches all the covers on the car body.