Basic Work Cognition Of Injection Molding Machine

- Dec 21, 2018-

1.Melt temperature

The nozzle can be measured or measured by air jet. When using the latter for measurements, care must be taken to ensure that hot melt plastics are cleaned without accidents, as hot melt plastics can burn the skin and even corrode the skin. In the injection molding workshop, burns are accidental.

Therefore, gloves and masks should be worn when handling thermoplastics or in case of hot melt plastic splashing. To ensure safety, the tip of the heat control needle should be preheated to the temperature to be measured. Each plastic has a specific melt temperature. To achieve this temperature, the actual injection cylinder adjustment value depends on the rotation speed, back pressure, shot volume and injection cycle of the screw village.

2. Mold temperature

Always check that the injection molding machine is set up and running at the temperature specified on the record sheet. this is very important. Because temperature affects the surface finish and yield of the molded part. All measured values must be recorded and the injection molding machine checked at the specified time.