Basic Work Cognition Of Injection Molding Machine

- Dec 21, 2018-

3. Uniform cooling

Injection molded parts must be uniformly cooled, that is, different parts of the mold must be cooled at different rates so that the entire product is uniformly cooled. Injection molded parts must be cooled at the fastest speed while ensuring that defects do not occur, such as uneven surfaces and changes in physical properties.

The cooling rate of each part of the injection molded part must be equal, but it means that the mold is cooled by a non-uniform method, for example, cold water is input into the inner core portion of the mold, and the outside of the mold is cooled by warm water. This technique should be used when the syringe is molded to a precision straight product or a large product with a long melt flow.

4. Temperature and cooling check

Always check that the injection molding machine is set up and running at the temperature specified on the record sheet. this is very important. Because temperature affects the surface finish and yield of the molded part. All measured values must be recorded and the injection molding machine checked at the specified time.