Common Defects And Correction Methods For Aluminum Castings

- Aug 30, 2018-

3.Cold partition

There are traces at the docking or lap joint of the liquid flow, and the intersection edge is smooth, and the development trend continues under the action of external force.

Reason for formation:

(1) The flowability of the liquid flow is poor.

(2) The liquid flow splitting is poorly integrated or the process is too long.

(3) The filling temperature is too low or the exhaust is poor.

(4) Insufficient filling pressure.

Prevention method:

(1) Appropriately increase the temperature of the aluminum liquid and the temperature of the mold, and check and adjust the alloy composition.

(2) Make the filling filling points and arrange the overflow tank reasonably.

(3) Improve the casting speed and improve the exhaust.

(4) Increase the filling pressure.