Common Problems And Solutions For CNC Machine Tools

- Sep 07, 2018-

1. The transformation of CNC machine tools

The current situation of the machine to be modified is investigated, because not all of the old machines are suitable for CNC transformation, so a comprehensive understanding of the machine to be modified is required. Due to the aging of components and the faults of the old machine tool electrical system, it is necessary to understand the manufacturer model of the old machine tool numerical control system, the number of control axes, the spindle, feed axis drive configuration, the power of the spindle motor, and the torque of the feed shaft motor.

To modify the machine tool, it is necessary to understand the situation of the machine tool itself and the machine tool market, and to investigate whether the machine tool is suitable for transformation and price comparison, which can not only reduce costs, save money, but also cause waste, and promote the development of the green environmental protection market. After the numerical control transformation of ordinary machine tools, the machine efficiency is obviously improved. Originally, one machine tool needs to be controlled by one person. After the transformation, one person can control two machine tools at the same time. After the machine tool is modified, the machining precision is greatly improved, and the scrap rate caused by human error is significantly reduced. At the same time, it also reduces the labor intensity of workers, saves labor, and shortens the trial cycle and production cycle of new products.

2. Maintenance problems of CNC machine tools

For maintenance personnel, the machine tool electronic numerical control system uses precision instruments, which are very susceptible to external factors. To ensure the normal use of the system instruments, maintenance personnel must carry out necessary inspections on the system, common problems. One of them is the failure of the electrical system. The troubleshooting process of the electrical system fault of the CNC machine tool can be roughly divided into three parts: investigation, analysis and diagnosis.

For the CNC vertical lathe to find out the cause of the damage, the fault can basically be ruled out. Therefore, it is very important to analyze and diagnose the fault method. Secondly, it is very important to use the sensory inspection. The fault site personnel are carefully asked about the fault occurrence process, the fault appearance and the fault consequences, and may be asked multiple times during the entire analysis and judgment process. . If there is a sudden change in the feed rate to the feed rate and the control panel displays an abnormality during use, it means that the control panel displays an abnormality, so the motherboard should be checked first during the maintenance process.