Current Status Of Rapid Prototyping Technology

- Sep 27, 2018-

3. Selective laser sintering

DTM has introduced a series of Sinterstation forming and various forming materials. Among them, Somos materials have rubber properties, heat resistance and chemical resistance. These materials are used to manufacture flexible parts such as serpentine tubes and gaskets on automobiles. EOS has developed the PA3200GF nylon powder material, which has high precision and surface roughness.

4. Fused deposition manufacturing

Stratasys has introduced the FDM series of forming machines that can be formed simultaneously using two nozzles for fast production. The company's Genisys-based thermoplastics form and develop water-soluble support materials that solve the problem of difficult to remove support materials in complex and small holes.

5.RP software

The RP software mainly has CAD model data processing and forming machine control functions, which have a great influence on the precision of the formed parts and the performance of the system. Almost every commercial RP system has its own RP software. Therefore, the RP software on the market is diverse.