Design Optimization Of Forging Machine Tools Using Genetic Algorithm

- Sep 12, 2018-

Variable design should be carried out before optimization, different design variables should be determined for different optimization objects, and appropriate design variables should be determined after analysis. After the judgment is made, the objective function should be determined. The goal of forging machine design is to improve the precision of the machine tool and make the forging machine The total mass is minimized within the range of application forces allowed by the material. The longitudinal bending and lateral bending of the beam are important parameters for evaluating the quality of the machine. Therefore, the objective function is determined mainly based on the accuracy of the machine tool and the transverse and longitudinal bending of the beam.

In the case of the accuracy of the forging machine, the appropriate reduction of the total mass of the machine will increase the durability and stability of the machine, and also reduce the material cost. It can be seen that the total mass of the machine is also a key to optimize the objective function. factor. When setting the genetic operator parameters, the default fitness proportional function Rank of the MATLAB toolbox is used as the fitness proportional parameter. The specific method is to use the random uniform distribution selection function as the selection parameter and use the default regeneration of the genetic algorithm toolbox. Parameters, cross parameters.

Through the research on the system optimization design technology of forging machine tool, an integrated optimization design platform is constructed, which provides a good environment and space for the design and performance optimization of forging machine tools. This platform adjusts the parameterization model through the adjustment of the management system. The library, analytical computing system and parameter optimization system are coordinated and managed. This process realizes the finite element analysis and the parameter optimization design of the genetic algorithm. The example of forging machine tool proves the correctness and reliability of the application.