Development Of Heat-Free Mold Materials

- Sep 17, 2018-

In the production of plastic molding metal molds in Japan, although the pressure to reduce costs, shorten the delivery time, and improve the quality, the plastic mold can be used without the heat treatment under the condition that the pre-hardened steel is additionally surface-modified. Claim. According to the investigation, the non-heat-treated molds that have been modified from heat-treated materials to pre-hardened steel surfaces with a hardness of 40 HRC are rapidly increasing. It is expected that the hardness of the pre-hardened steel will increase from about 40 HRC to about 45 HRC after a few years, and thus it becomes a non-heat-treated mold material.

In the context of the globalization of the mold industry, Japanese mold companies must take some countermeasures in order to survive. Special attention should be paid to important indicators such as cost, delivery time and product quality in order to compete with molds manufactured overseas. The use of non-heat treated materials with a surface hardness of 40 HRC pre-hardened steel will be common. However, the scope of such disposal is limited. Therefore, if the hardness of the pre-hardened steel is increased to about 45 HRC in a hurry, it may be difficult to meet the global demand for a non-heat-treated material having a hardness of about 48 HRC.

In order to achieve the stated goals, steelmakers must organize the development of pre-hardened steel of the specified hardness. The resolution of the problem of cutting and cutting of high-hardness materials will affect the actual application process of non-heat-treated pre-hardened steel.