Die Casting Mold Performance Requirements

- Aug 02, 2018-

(6) Good machinability and grinding

The die-casting mold cavity is made by cutting, so the mold material should have good machinability. It must be pointed out that materials with good wear resistance are generally poorly cut. This is the case with many die steels, which, although annealed, have a harder base portion. Add hard carbides, which are generally difficult to cut.

In order to obtain a smoother die-casting part, the surface roughness of the mold cavity surface is required to be small, so that the mold material should also have good polishing performance.

(7) The internal organization of the material is uniform and free of defects.

The structure of the mold material should be uniform, free of defects and less directional, otherwise it will not only affect the crack, strength and thermal fatigue properties of the mold, but also affect the heat treatment deformation.