Direct Molding Method

- Nov 07, 2018-

3. 3DPrinting

The 3DP technology developed by MIT has been developed to selectively spray a metal powder onto a metal powder using a nozzle to form a metal powder using a binder. This low-density (approximately 50%) molded part is subjected to binder removal and copper infiltration to obtain a module having a density of over 92%. Its forming thickness is 0.17 mm, so its dimensional accuracy is only ±0.1 mm. The advantage of this method is that the materials that can be manufactured are varied, and this diversity can be embodied in different modules or on the same module. Its size can also be relatively large, geometric shape is arbitrary, the process is simple, it is a relatively promising technology.

4.LOM method

Different from the general LOM, it is used to laminate the thin metal sheets directly on the molding machine. According to the CAD model, the laser or water jet method is used to form the contour. Diffusion bonding is used to stack the cut sheets to form pseudo-metal solid parts. Since the thickness of the plate village is large, a step effect is generated, so finishing processing is required.