Features Of Rapid Prototyping

- Nov 05, 2018-

1. Freeform manufacturing

Freeform manufacturing is another term for rapid prototyping. The meaning of free-form manufacturing as one of the characteristics of rapid prototyping technology has two aspects。

First, it is not necessary to use a tool to make a prototype or a part, thereby greatly shortening the trial production cycle of the new product and saving the cost of the tooling。

Secondly, it is not limited by the complexity of the shape, and it can produce any shape or part with different shapes and structures and different materials.

2. Fast manufacturing efficiency

From the data obtained by CAD digital model or entity reverse to the original shape, it usually takes only a few hours or ten hours, and the speed is much faster than the traditional forming method. The project technology has improved man-machine communication in the design process in new product development, shortening the product design and development cycle. 

The rapid mold technology, which uses a rapid prototyping machine as a master mold, can produce the actual product of the required material in a few days, and it takes at least several months to manufacture the product through the traditional steel mold. The application of this technology has greatly reduced the development cost of new products and the risk of companies developing new products.