Features Of Rapid Prototyping

- Nov 05, 2018-

3. Directly driven by the CAD model

Regardless of the RP manufacturing process, the materials are cumulatively formed by adding them point by point and layer by layer. Regardless of the rapid prototyping manufacturing process, it is also manufactured by directly or indirectly driving a rapid prototyping equipment system through a CAD digital model.

This processing method of making prototypes by material addition is a distinguishing feature of rapid prototyping technology that distinguishes traditional machining methods. This prototyping process, which directly or indirectly drives the rapid prototyping system from a CAD digital model, also determines the rapid and free-form manufacturing characteristics of rapid prototyping.

4. Highly integrated technology

When the backward Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) has been unable to realize the integration of CAD and CAM, the emergence of rapid prototyping technology has better filled the gap between CAD and CAM.

The high integration of new materials, laser application technology, precision servo drive technology, computer technology and numerical control technology together support the realization of rapid prototyping technology.