Features Of Rapid Prototyping

- Nov 05, 2018-

5. High economic efficiency

Rapid prototyping technology produces prototypes or parts without the need for tooling, and is not related to the complexity of the forming or part. Compared to traditional machining methods, the cost of the prototype or part itself is significantly reduced. In addition, rapid prototyping in the design visualization, appearance evaluation, assembly and functional inspection and the function of the rapid mold master can significantly shorten the product development trial cycle, but also bring significant time benefits.

It is precisely because of the outstanding economic benefits of rapid prototyping technology that the technology has been highly valued and quickly and widely applied by the manufacturing industry.

6. Precision is not as good as traditional processing

When the data model is layered, some data loss and layered manufacturing are inevitable. The phase transformation of the build-up and the internal stress generated by the solidification process also cause warpage, which fundamentally determines the accuracy limit of the RP shape.