Fifteen Tips For The Maintenance Of Injection Mould

- Jun 29, 2018-

Twelfth, in the production to hear the sound of the mold or other abnormal conditions, should immediately stop the inspection. The mold maintenance personnel shall conduct inspection tour of the molds that are in normal operation in the workshop. If abnormalities are found, they shall be promptly disposed of.

Thirteenth, the operator in the handover class, in addition to the transfer of production, the key critical process records, the use of the mold should also have a detailed explanation.

Fourteenth, when the mold completes the production quantity of the product, when the other mold is to be replaced at the machine, the mold cavity should be coated with a rust inhibitor, and the mold attachment should be sent to the mold maintenance staff, and the last mold should be used to produce qualified products. As a sample, send it to the service person. In addition, it is also necessary to send a list of mold usage, fill in the details of the mold on which machine, from a certain date on a certain day, a total of production of a number of products, and now whether the mold is good. If there is a problem with the mold, it is necessary to fill in the mold on the use of a single problem, to propose specific requirements for modification and improvement, and to submit a model of unprocessed samples to the custodian, leaving it to the molder to refer to the mold repair.

Fifteenth, a mold library should be set up, special person management should be set up, and mold files should be established. If possible, computer management of molds should be implemented. The mold warehouse should choose a place with small ventilation and the temperature should be kept below 70%. If the humidity exceeds 70%, the mold will easily rust and the mold should be put on the shelf for storage. Pay attention to anti-corrosion and dust-proof. To mark the need to repair or complete the repair and maintenance logo.