Finished Mucous Membrane, Difficult To Demould

- Dec 03, 2018-

At the time of injection molding, there is a mucous membrane in the finished product. First, consider whether the injection pressure or the holding pressure is too high. If the injection pressure is too large, the finished product will be oversaturated, and the plastic will be pressed into other voids, which makes it difficult to release the finished product in the cavity, and it is easy to have a mucous membrane when it is taken out.

When the temperature of the tube is too high, two phenomena usually occur. First, if the temperature is too high, the plastic will be decomposed and deteriorated, losing its original characteristics: it will break or tear during the demolding process, causing mucous membranes. Second, the rubber material is not easy to cool after being filled into the cavity, and it is necessary to lengthen the cycle time, which is not economical. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the operating temperature according to the characteristics of the rubber.

As for the problem of the mold, if the feed port is unbalanced, the film will be prone to mucous phenomenon when the product is demolded. At this time, improvement measures should be made on the mold.