Frequently Asked Questions In Mold Design

- Jul 31, 2018-

1. The role of the secondary welding chamber

Extrusion molds play a vital role in the extrusion of aluminum profiles, directly affecting the quality of extruded products. However, in actual production, the design of the extrusion die relies more on the experience of the designer. The quality of the mold design is difficult to guarantee, and it is necessary to test and repair the mold multiple times.

According to the deficiencies of the mold design, it is proposed to set up a secondary welding chamber optimization design on the mold to make up for the defects of the feeding in the mold processing, avoiding the opening, closing and the shape of the material before and after the feeding is insufficient. Defects and effectively solve the problem of uneven speed distribution in the design. Therefore, in the optimization scheme, the temperature distribution and the stress distribution on the section of the profile are more uniform, and the output is greatly improved.