Frequently Asked Questions In Mold Design

- Jul 31, 2018-

2. The role of secondary diversion

In the extrusion die design, for solid profiles with large wall thickness differences, secondary flow. For example, the initial mold design consists of a common mold and a mold pad. If the first machine is very unsatisfactory, the angle is small, the thin-walled part is ultra-thin, and the size is too small. Even if the mold is reworked, the thin-walled part is enlarged and the working belt is lowered, but the effect is still not satisfactory.

In view of the shortcomings of the initial mold design, the second use of the deflector design, proposed to open a two-level flow optimization design scheme in the mold, can effectively solve the problem of uneven speed distribution in the initial mold design.

Specifically, the direct penetration of the thin-walled portion is carried out, the thick-walled portion is expanded in the width of the discharge opening, and the thickness of the thick-walled portion is slightly increased, and the opening of the die-hole is 90 degrees. Degrees, sizing work belts should also be modified as appropriate.