High Temperature Resistant Engineering Plastic

- Dec 10, 2018-

High temperature engineering plastics are engineering plastics that retain high mechanical properties under high temperature conditions. This property is generally caused by its own special structure. With the continuous development of electronic equipment, the application of high temperature engineering plastics in this field has been expanding and becoming the material of choice in the field of electronic equipment.

Research team from Dalian University of Technology, Polymer Materials Department, Liaoning Province High Performance Resin Engineering Technology Research Center. From the point of view of molecular design, three kinds of high temperature resistant and soluble block copolymers PPENK-b-PEEKK with different block lengths were designed and synthesized. The phthalazinone biphenyl structure polyaryletherketone PPENK segment was successfully combined with a structurally regular PEEKK segment.

The hydroxyl terminated polyetheretherketoneketone (PEEKK-OH) oligomer was synthesized by solution polymerization method. The polymerization process was optimized by orthogonal experiment and the optimal synthesis conditions were obtained. Then, PPENK-b-PEEKK block copolymer was synthesized by one-step stepwise addition. All three copolymers have a crystalline structure with only one glass transition temperature (Tg) (higher than the Tg of PEEKK), and the presence of a melting point, which has potential thermoforming properties. The Td5% and Td10% of the three copolymers were 491-510 and 523-530 °C, respectively. The charcoal at 800 ° C is 63% to 65%, and the copolymer has excellent thermal stability.