Highlights Of High Gloss Mold Design

- Jul 18, 2018-

1. High-gloss mold requirements for product structure

Gaoguang Mould has strict requirements on product structure. It is well known that the brighter the product is, the more sensitive it is to the refraction of light, and the slightly flawed surface will soon be discovered. Therefore, how to solve the shrinkage problem is the primary problem of high-gloss products. According to experience statistics, the thickness of the general product ribs does not exceed 0.6 times the thickness of the main body glue position, so it will not shrink, or the shrinkage is less likely to be found, which can be ignored. However, for high-gloss products, such requirements are far from enough. The thickness of the product ribs should be reduced to not more than 0.4 times the thickness of the main body. For screw positions, special treatment must be done.

2. Hot runner system of high light mold

Hot runner systems are critical to high gloss molds. Whether it is possible to inject a product without weld lines, the quality of the hot runner and the adjustment of the machine are decisive factors. The characteristics of the high-gloss mold hot runner system: the hot nozzle of the high-gloss mold must have a sealing needle, and each hot nozzle must have a separate air passage (not allowing multiple air passages to be connected in series), so that the solenoid valve and time can be passed. The relay is used to separately control the feeding time and the amount of glue entering each hot nozzle, and prepare for the injection molding machine.