Highlights Of High Gloss Mold Design

- Jul 19, 2018-

3. Cooling and heating system for high-gloss mold

When the plastic material is injected into the mold cavity, the higher the surface temperature of the mold cavity in a reasonable temperature range, the better the surface quality of the product and the lower the internal stress of the product. Therefore, in order to obtain good surface quality of the product, it is a good way to increase the surface temperature of the cavity (however, increasing the temperature of the mold will reduce the efficiency of injection molding and requires comprehensive consideration). Generally, the high-gloss mold is heated by a mold temperature machine during injection molding, so that the plastic is kept under pressure and lowered in the mold at a high temperature, thereby eliminating defects such as flow marks and weld lines, and achieving a mirror effect.

The high-gloss mold pays more attention to the arrangement of the cooling water channel. Good water channel layout not only greatly improves injection efficiency, but also plays an important role in improving product quality. The water channel of the high-gloss mold should not only be uniform, but also must be sufficient, so that the required temperature can be easily reached by the mold temperature machine. At the same time, the long water pipe is used to directly transport the water from the core without using a sealing ring, which can prevent the mold from working at high temperature for a long time, resulting in aging of the sealing ring and reducing the maintenance cost of many molds. It is worth mentioning that the water pipe of Gaoguang Mould must use high temperature resistant tubing to prevent the water pipe from bursting under high temperature and high pressure.

4. Inclined top mechanism of high-gloss mold

The sloping top mechanism is often adopted in our high-gloss mold design, especially in the high-light mold design of the LCD front case.

In the front, we mentioned in the requirements of the product structure of Gaoguang Mould, in order to prevent shrinkage, the screw column must be processed, which requires us to use the inclined top mechanism, in order to make the display and the shell good contact. Usually, the surface of the shell surface will be pre-deformed. Therefore, it must be handled carefully when optimizing the product and designing the inclined roof, so that when the product is ejected, neither the rubber will be scrapped nor the product will be whitened. Form a qualified product.

It is also worth noting that the slanting mechanism is not suitable for large core distances, but in high-gloss dies, it is often encountered with a slanting mechanism that requires a large core distance. The special guiding rod is used to overcome the frictional force of the inclined top seat, and the direction of the stress of the inclined top rod is changed, so that the inclined top rod is not subjected to the torque during the ejection and resetting, and therefore, a large inclination can be achieved.