How To Prevent Mold Cracking

- Aug 18, 2018-

1.Stamping equipment

The accuracy of stamping equipment (such as presses) and the impact of rigid on die life are extremely important. The precision of the stamping equipment is high, the rigidity is good, and the die life is greatly improved. Especially for small gap or gapless die, carbide die and precision die, it is necessary to select a press with high precision and good rigidity. Otherwise, the die life will be reduced, and the chess piece will be damaged in severe cases.

2. Mold design

(1) Precision of the guiding mechanism of the mold. In order to improve the life of the mold, it is necessary to correctly select the guiding form and determine the accuracy of the guiding mechanism according to the requirements of the nature of the process and the accuracy of the parts.

(2) Geometric parameters of the die (convex, concave die) edge. The shape of the convex and concave molds, the fit clearance and the fillet radius not only have a great influence on the forming of the stamping part, but also have a great influence on the wear and life of the mold. For higher precision requirements, a smaller gap value should be selected; otherwise, the gap can be appropriately increased to improve the life of the mold.

3. Stamping process

(1) Raw materials for stamped parts.

1) Use as much as possible of the stamping process of raw materials to reduce the stamping deformation force;

2) Before stamping, the grade, thickness and surface quality of the raw materials should be strictly checked, and the raw materials should be wiped clean. If necessary, the surface oxides and rust should be removed;

3) According to the stamping process and the type of raw materials, softening treatment and surface treatment may be arranged as necessary, and a suitable lubricant and lubrication process may be selected.

(2) Layout and edging.

Unreasonable reciprocating feed patterning and too small edge values often cause sharp wear of the mold or bruises on the convex and concave molds. According to the processing batch size, quality requirements and mold matching clearance of the parts, the layout method and the edge value must be reasonably selected to improve the life of the mold.