How To Properly Use And Repair Aluminum Extrusion Dies

- Nov 27, 2018-

2. Ensure "three hearts in one"

The center of the extrusion barrel, the center of the extrusion rod, and the center of the mold base must be concentric. Significant eccentricity is not allowed, otherwise it will affect the flow rate throughout the product. It even affects the molding of the product or makes the difference between the lengths of the left and right of the extruded product larger and cannot be extruded.

3. Reasonable use of support pads

A double-hole special support pad of appropriate size must be selected to reduce the elastic deformation of the lower mold, so that the extruded product is stably formed and the dimensional change is small. Moreover, it is necessary to find a special support pad for the double hole before the mold is released, so as to avoid problems caused by excessive cooling of the mold after the mold is taken out due to excessive time.

4. Mold damage check

(1) When selecting materials for forming mold parts, materials that are not suitable for the working conditions of the mold may cause deformation, corrosion or severe wear after working for a period of time.

(2) When installing or disassembling the parts in the molding die, tapping the parts with a hammer may cause deformation of the mold parts or damage of the clean surface, and impact damage on the working surface.

(3) If the taper angle of the mold is too large, the flow resistance to the melt becomes large, causing the splitter cone to be broken.

(4) The hardness of the working surface of the die and mandrel is low, which will cause serious wear on the clean surface and cause rough surface.

(5) When the mold is adjusted, the operation error may cause the mold adjustment screw to be broken, and the die or the sizing sleeve may be deformed, so that the mold cannot be used normally.