How To Properly Use And Repair Aluminum Extrusion Dies

- Nov 28, 2018-

5. Strengthen the feedback of aluminum extrusion process

(1) Information feedback of the extrusion die

There are many reasons for plugging molds. It is generally difficult for people without special training to express clearly. It is best to go through the corresponding mold repairers and find out the reasons before they can be modeled.

(2) feedback of material forming conditions

In addition to having a clear head number for the extrusion die number, it is also necessary to identify the overall flow direction of the material head that is difficult to see on the material head, as follows.

1) "Intersection and discharge" (indicating that the inner side of the two holes is slow and the outer side is fast during the actual extrusion process);

2) "phase separation" (indicating that the inner side of the two holes is slow and slow in the actual extrusion process);

3) "Left long and short short" means that the left branch is short and the right branch is short, and the amount of the length difference should be indicated. Since the distance from the saw to the discharge port is about 6 meters, the form of "A meter / 6 meters" usually means that the difference in length and length is about A meters every 6 meters. This perfect and accurate expression is conducive to the correct judgment and maintenance of the molder.

(3) Information feedback of oversize

In the case of normal forming of the discharge but the size is too poor, a sample must be taken to complete the correct identification (extrusion die number, discharge direction, dimensional defects, etc.). Any one of the wrong marks may result in the wrong mold, so it must be highly noticed.

Only such complete feedback on the use situation will be beneficial to the correct judgment and maintenance of the molder, in order to improve the efficiency of mold repair, and to reduce the number of mold repairs and unnecessary test.