Increased Stiffness Of Injection Molded Container Structural Design

- Jul 04, 2018-

The plastic is relatively flexible, the container is made of poor rigidity, and the turnover box type container sometimes has a large load capacity, so various measures for improving the rigidity should be adopted in the structure.

1. Add reinforcing ribs. The ribs enhance the strength and rigidity of the container. The basic requirements for the ribs are: the number should be more, the wall thickness should be thin, the height should be short, and the slope should be sufficient. The bottom of the rib should be a circular arc transition. The direction of the rib should be consistent with the flow direction to improve the plastic. Toughness.

2. Improve the shape. Box-shaped containers are mostly rectangular thin-walled parts, which are easy to be deformed. Various reinforcement measures should be taken to slightly extend the four side walls of the container to improve the rigidity; it is a belt-shaped reinforcement on the side wall to prevent distortion; The edge is edge-reinforced to prevent deformation of the mouth; the bottom reinforcement is designed to be corrugated and arched at the bottom of the container.

3. Reasonable support. The bottom area of the box-shaped container is large, but it is unreasonable to use the entire bottom surface as a support. Since the bottom is slightly curved, it is not flat. Therefore, the surface support should be changed into a line support or a point support, and the convex side support (ie, line support); The foot support (ie, point support); the height of the protrusion is generally 0.3 ~ 0.5mm.

4. Corner. The corner is the intersection of two or three faces. Regardless of the shape of the container, the intersection of the faces must be rounded, which can greatly improve the rigidity of the container and improve the plasticity of the plastic. Can disperse stress and reduce deformation.