Indirect Mold Casting Method

- Nov 10, 2018-

(3) Paraffin casting method

This method can be used in mass production of metal molds. Firstly, using a RP prototype or a molded mold of a wax mold according to a reconstituted silicone rubber metal resin composite or polyurethane, and then using the molding mold to produce a wax mold, and then using a paraffin casting process to form a steel (iron) mold. .

In addition, when a complex mold is produced in a single piece, the RP prototype can be directly used instead of the wax mold. If the SL method is used, the prototype can be made into a loose porous honeycomb structure for rapid casting. Under sufficient oxygen conditions, the resin prototype can be decomposed into water vapor and CO2 at around 980 °C.

(4) Gypsum casting method

Using RP, the prototype is turned into a gypsum mold, and then a non-ferrous alloy mold such as aluminum or zinc is cast under vacuum, which can produce injection molded products in small batches. The low-melting alloy is cast by using the RP prototype as a low-melting alloy mold, which can be used to suppress the sand core for casting.