Indirect Molding Method

- Nov 08, 2018-

2. Silicone mold

Silicone molds are used in a wide range of applications. First, the "positive" master mold of the same piece to be molded is produced by the RP method, and then the silicone rubber is filled around the master mold. After curing, the silicone rubber was cut along the desired parting surface, and the mother mold was taken out to prepare a silicone mold.

In order to ensure the quality of the silicone mold, the surface of the master mold is polished, because all the features of the surface of the master mold are almost copied to the surface of the mold and then copied to the parts. Silicone molds are extremely fast and can be used to cast a variety of thermoset plastics. The molded parts have the advantages of good precision and very low price, but the silicone mold cannot produce parts with high precision and has a short life span, and usually can only be cast 25 to 30 times.