Indirect Molding Method

- Nov 08, 2018-

4. Nickel and ceramic mixture mold manufacturing technology

This method uses plastic RP and model as the mother type, and a nickel metal is plated on the mother plate by electroplating to produce a thin nickel metal shell. The surface of the thin shell and the female mold completely reflects the injection molding. The surface shape and dimensional characteristics of the part.

Due to the low strength of the thin shell, the non-molded surface of the thin shell is filled with high-strength ceramic powder, and the ceramic material is required to have a small shrinkage coefficient and suitable thermophysical properties. This composite mold is very suitable for manufacturing larger parts (greater than 250mm × 250mm × 250mm). If the mother type is made by the stereoscopic light modeling (SL) method, the dimensional accuracy of this method will not be lower than the accuracy of the SL part. It has a life of at least 5,000 pieces during plastic injection molding.