Indirect Molding Method

- Nov 09, 2018-

6. Using the RP prototype to make electrodes for EDM

The EDM method is widely used in the field of mold making. It can be used to machine extremely complex shapes and cores. It can process extremely hard materials that cannot be machined by CNC machines. It can also process heat-treated materials to avoid Thermal deformation caused by heat treatment after processing. The quality of the EDM electrode is a key factor affecting the quality of the workpiece. The cost of the electrode itself accounts for 50% to 80% of the cost of the EDM process. At present, graphite or copper electrodes are often used, and the service life is extremely short. Sometimes, it is necessary to replace a plurality of electrodes for processing one cavity, which seriously affects the processing efficiency of EDM. The RP method can be used to quickly manufacture EDM electrodes of any shape, which can make up for this deficiency.

(1)Graphite electrode forming method 

The RP prototype was used to reproduce the graphite electrode lap, and the graphite electrode was fabricated by the translational grinding method using the lap, and then the metal mold was processed by electric discharge.

(2) Electroformed copper electrode method

It is sprayed with a layer of conductive medium on the surface of the RP, and then electroformed to deposit a layer of copper on the surface of the RP and the prototype to obtain an electroplated copper electrode, and then use an electrode EDM mold. The advantage of the electrode forming method is that as the complexity of the mold cavity increases, the batch size increases, and the superiority thereof can be reflected.