Injection Molding Learning

- Dec 19, 2018-

1. Rotating speed of the screw

The rotational speed of the screw significantly affects the degree of stability of the injection molding process and the amount of heat acting on the plastic. The faster the screw rotates, the higher the temperature. When the screw rotates at a high speed, the friction (shear) energy delivered to the plastic increases the plasticizing efficiency, but at the same time increases the unevenness of the melt temperature.

Due to the importance of the surface speed of the screw, the screw rotation speed of the large injection molding machine should be smaller than that of the smaller injection molding machine, because the shear heat generated by the large screw is much higher than that of the small screw at the same rotation speed. Due to the difference in plastics, the speed at which the screw rotates is also different.

2. Injection amount

The evaluation of the syringe press is usually based on the amount of PS that can be injected per injection and may be measured in ounces or grams. Another sorting system is based on the volume of melt that the injection molding machine can inject.

3. Plasticizing ability

The evaluation of the injection molding machine is usually based on the amount of PS (in pounds and kilograms) that can uniformly melt the amount of PS in one hour or the temperature of the uniform melt, which is called plasticizing ability.