Mold Replacement Standard Process

- Aug 10, 2018-

1. Preparation before changing the mold

According to the production plan of the workshop, prepare for the change before the mold change.

(1) Put on a helmet and prepare a rag, rust inhibitor, wrench, etc.

(2) Check the mold to be loaded:

1) According to the size of the outer line of the mold, select the machine that can be installed (in general, the machine plan is specified by the workshop plan, no need to choose by itself);

2) Whether the cooling water pipe joint of the mold is installed properly, and whether the waterway is unobstructed (checking the gas path);

3) Whether the mold uses the ferrule function, if necessary, please prepare the tubing and tubing joints, and check them. Please find that the threaded plug is not good, so that the good thread is also damaged, and there will be oil leakage. phenomenon;

4) Install the lifting ring (the curved lifting ring is not used), the depth of the lifting ring into the mold must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the lifting ring. If the lifting ring surface and the mold are not attached, the gasket must be used to prevent the lifting ring from bending and breaking.

(3) Checking the crane: Check the crane operation status and whether the function of each button is sound and normal, especially the emergency stop button should be tested. If there is any problem, stop it immediately, hang the “prohibited use” sign, notify the squad leader to report repair. 

(4) Check the wire rope and shackle: Whether the wire rope used has broken strands, circular motion, and whether the hanging mold is overweight. If there is any need to replace the wire rope immediately, the shackle used for lifting shall not have bending deformation, which is inconsistent with the tonnage of the lifting mold.