Mold Replacement Standard Process

- Aug 10, 2018-

3. Mold installation and machine adjustment

(1) Before the lower mold, the mold must be cleaned first. Lubrication. For the maintenance work of rust prevention, it must be confirmed that the length of the rope can lift the mold from the machine. Before the pressure plate is loosened, the crane must be pulled to tighten the mold or Shake the wire rope to confirm the tightness so that the mold does not slip after the mold is opened.

(2) Before loading the mold, the opening/closing speed should be reduced to 25%. The shock and the CPC2.2 computer should be pressed at the same time to cancel and adjust the function to set the slow speed below 50%. And adjust the operated button to the manual position, especially the 11th machine, the zero setting must be the manual position. Unit 10 must turn off the high voltage permit OFF position. Set the machine to a low pressure manual state.

(3) After measuring the thickness of the mold before the mold is lifted, after the mold adjustment is completed, check that the height of the top rod is consistent and the mold hole is matched, and then the mold can be hoisted. After the positioning circle is aligned, the template and the mold are flattened before the mold can be locked.

(4) It is not allowed to mold the mold (except for fine adjustment within 10 mm).

(5) The oil pump should be turned off when the mold is installed, except for the oil pump. When the mold position is adjusted inside the machine, it cannot be pulled . After the mold is closed, it needs to be fixed by the positioning ring (suitable for the No. 4 machine).

(6) When the mold does not have a positioning ring to be centered, it is strictly forbidden to place the hand between the mold and the nozzle. When the “die paper” is observed, the heating must be turned off.

(7) The mold installation of machines No. 1 to No. 10 shall not be less than 8 press plates. The No. 10 machine uses the hydraulic pressure plate to move the mold, and both sides of the fixed mold need to be added with two fixed pressure plates, and the bottom screw of the movable mold is tightly closed to prevent the mold from sliding down. The No. 11 machine uses a magnetic template to show that the green light is tight and the red light is demagnetized.