Mold Replacement Standard Process

- Aug 10, 2018-

3. Mold installation and machine adjustment

(8) The fixing plate must be firm and reliable. The depth of the screw must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the screw. The horn or the foot must be equal to the bottom plate of the pressed mold, or 1-3 mm above the bottom plate. The die screw should be placed at the forefront near the mold and the horn should be placed at the rear.

(9) Do not use an open-end wrench to tighten the screw, the curved pressure plate, and the slipper nut screw must not be used.

(10) In order to prevent the screw from being over-torque, the length of the casing should be used; 25 to 30CM for M16 screws, 40 to 45CM for M20 screws, and 50 to 55CM for M24 screws.

(11) The hook shackle is removed before the mold is installed, and the wire rope and shackle cannot be driven to open the mold. The mold used in the No. 11 machine No. 11 is not allowed to be removed after installation. Remember: release the mold before releasing the mold.

(12) The mold with hot runner must be cooled by electric heating to prevent the inner seal from aging and leaking.

(13) When someone cleans or repairs the mold in the machine, it is forbidden to start the power supply or the operation panel to adjust the parameters.

(14) The molds shall not be stacked in two layers, and placed in the designated position according to the number. The new molds are temporarily placed in the mold modification area.

(16)After the mold is installed, the mold must be opened (the machine hinge is prohibited from being locked for a long time), the position of the mechanical safety lever is adjusted, the water pipe is connected, the oil pipe is connected with the core, and the action is debugged. Oil leakage. Water leakage.

4. Finishing machine environmental sanitation

(1) All the tools such as screws, pressure plate, positioning ring, wrench and casing on the machine are placed in the specified position.

(2) The mold cooling water pipe should not be too long, and the remaining amount of 20CM can be placed according to the actual length after the mold is opened.

(3) The mold with the extraction ferrule must first prepare a small plastic box to contain the leaked hydraulic oil when disassembling the oil pipe. If the oil pipe is not needed, the oil in the oil pipe should be cleaned first, then the oil pipe should be put into the regulation. s position.

(4) Finally, clean the machine and the dirty place on the floor with cleaning equipment.