Multi-Color, Multi-Component Applications For Vertical Injection Molding Machines

- Dec 20, 2018-

The application of vertical injection molding machine in multi-color injection molding, the combination of vertical machine and horizontal machine forms a multi-station two-color or even multi-color molding process.

The turret type two-color machine is also called core rotary injection. That is, there is a shaft that can be telescoped and rotated in the center of the lower mold, so that the core can be rotated by 180 degrees. It enters the cavity 1 and the cavity 2 successively, and then forms a two-color plastic piece.

Main applications are:

(1) The product has inserts, the inserts are injection molded at one end, and one end can be clamped (such as a screwdriver, scissors, etc.).

(2) Cylinder, deep hole products (such as car handles, thermometer case, etc.), the product can be firmly positioned on the core after leaving the mold.

Multi-station rotary table machine, the equipment has two sets of injection system, the lower mold rotates a certain angle such as 180 degrees, 120 degrees, etc., which can automate the process of labeling in the mold. Unlike ordinary two-color machines, this equipment can be used not only for two-color injection molding, but also as two standard historical injection molding machines or standard historical double-station rotary machines, which greatly expands the multi-purpose function of the equipment.