Overview Of Hot Stamping Forming Technology

- Sep 11, 2018-

2. Advantages of hot stamping technology

In contrast to cold forming technology, hot stamping technology has many advantages, as shown in the following points.

First, the strength of the parts after hot stamping has been greatly improved by rapid cooling and quenching. If such a part is used in a car, the number and thickness of the parts can be controlled on the basis of ensuring the safety performance of the body collision, and the goal of reducing the weight of the vehicle body can be achieved.

Second, there is better formability. Under high temperature conditions, the material has better plasticity and relatively high elongation, which can form extremely complicated parts, which is impossible to achieve by cold stamping; in addition, some parts are subjected to cold forming technology. Processing requires several processes and molds, but thermoforming can be formed in one operation.

Third, reduce the tonnage of the decompression machine. At the time of thermoforming, the flow stress of the material is greatly affected by temperature. When the temperature is above 800 °C, the flow stress of the material will decrease, about 200 MPa. Therefore, under high temperature conditions, rapid forming can reduce the forming force, reduce the tonnage of the reducer, and ultimately reduce the investment cost of the equipment. .

Fourth, there is a relatively high dimensional accuracy. When parts are manufactured by cold forming technology, the rebound often causes defects in the parts, especially after the high-strength steel parts are formed, and there is a great rebound. However, when parts are produced by thermoforming technology, there is no rebound, and thus a product with relatively high geometric accuracy can be obtained.

Fifth, the parts made by thermoforming technology have better surface stiffness, hardness and anti-concavity. Nevertheless, hot stamping forming technology also has some shortcomings, that is, the production cycle is relatively slow, the energy consumption of the hot stamping die is relatively large, the cost of investing in the hot stamping production line is large, and the like.