Plastic Properties

- Nov 28, 2018-

(5) It is not easy to transfer heat and has good thermal insulation performance.

Since the plastic is larger than the heat, the thermal conductivity is small, and it is not easy to transfer heat, so the heat preservation and heat insulation effect is good.

(6) It can make conductive parts and make insulating products.

Plastic itself is a good insulating material. It can be said that no electrical product does not use plastic. However, if the plastic is filled with metal powder or chips for molding, it can also be made into a conductive product.

(7) Excellent shock absorption and sound absorbing performance, good light transmission

Plastics have excellent shock absorption and sound absorbing properties; transparent plastics (such as PMMA, PS, PC, etc.) can be used to make transparent plastic products (such as lenses, signs, hoods, etc.).

(8) Low manufacturing cost

Although the plastic raw material itself is not so cheap, since the plastic is easy to process and the equipment cost is relatively low, the product cost can be reduced.