Problems To Be Solved In Rapid Mold Manufacturing Based On RP

- Nov 12, 2018-

The use of RP technology to develop rapid mold manufacturing technology still has the following major problems, which need to be solved or need to be further improved.

(1) How does the surface quality meet the requirements of the mold, otherwise it cannot withstand high pressure such as injection molding. The layered manufacturing method inevitably produces steps, and the bevel is more serious. Post-processing is a common practice at present.

(2) How the dimensional accuracy meets the requirements of mold manufacturing, especially when manufacturing larger molds, the size is more unstable.

(3) Age, heat and corrosion resistance, shape and size aging problems when used as a master.

(4) The thermal conductivity of plastic or resin molds is very poor. Although the difference in heat conduction brings the benefit of lower injection pressure, the production cycle must be considered too long.