Products Appear Insufficient Melt Glue In The Injection Molding?

- Nov 24, 2018-

3. The filling channel is blocked.

Because the cold glue, impurities or other substances block the filling channel and cause the glue to not be filled, the product may also be dissatisfied with the glue. At this time, it is necessary to check the injection nozzle of the injection molding machine, whether the main flow channel, the runner, the gate, etc. are unblocked, and if it is blocked, it needs to be cleaned.

4. Mold casting system defective The defects of the mold casting system are divided into the following aspects:

(1) The flow path is too small, too thin or too long, increasing fluid resistance;

(2) The runner, the gate is rough and has flaws, or has an acute angle, and the surface roughness is poor, which affects the flow;

(3) The cold well is improperly set or not set, and the cold glue collection is incomplete, resulting in blockage of the runner or gate;

(4) The position or quantity of the gate is improperly set, the filling resistance is greater than the injection pressure, and the glue is not charged into the mold;

(5) The mold is poorly exhausted or the exhaust position is improperly set, and the mold is partially trapped and the product is not filled.

5. Poor product design.

The product structure is poorly designed, the glue position design is not uniform, and the local glue position is too thin, resulting in product filling dissatisfaction.