Rapid Prototyping Process

- Sep 18, 2018-

In the rapid prototyping, the three-dimensional shape of the solid object is processed by thin lamination, and the physical shape is realized by stacking in the shape of the main body.

Specifically, the metal powder laser sintering technology and the precision cutting compound processing technology were developed with the aim of high-precision, ultra-short delivery, and mass production of metal molds.

The basic principle of this technology is:

(1) First, a three-dimensional computer-aided design defines a shape of a solid shape of a final shape.

(2) Next, the processing of the contour shape of the sheet is equally divided by the three-dimensional shape data to obtain the sheet data.

(3) Based on the sheet data, the actual powder material is sintered into a thin plate shape by a CO2 laser, and joined to the lower layer which has been terminated, and the surface of the contour is finished by repeated laser sintering.

(4) The material is solidified and the sliced data is repeatedly stacked until it is the same physical shape as the part defined on the computer.