Rapid Prototyping Technology

- Oct 20, 2018-

At present, rapid prototyping technology has been widely used in aerospace, industrial modeling, machinery manufacturing (automobiles, motorcycles), military, construction, film and television, home appliances, light industry, medicine and other fields.

1. Application in the process of new product design

Rapid prototyping technology has created a new product development model for design and development of industrial products. Using RP technology can quickly, directly and accurately transform design ideas into functional models (samples) with certain functions. This not only shortens the development cycle, but also reduces development costs, and also allows enterprises to take the lead in the fierce market competition.

2. Application in the field of mechanical manufacturing

Due to its own characteristics, RP technology has been widely used in the field of mechanical manufacturing, and is used to manufacture single-piece and small-volume metal parts. Some special and complicated parts can be directly formed by RP technology because they only need to be produced in one piece or in small batches of less than 50 pieces, and the cost is low and the cycle is short.

3. Application of laser rapid prototyping technology

Laser Rapid Prototyping (LRP) is a new manufacturing technology that integrates advanced technologies such as CAD, CAM, CNC, laser, precision servo drive and new materials. Compared with the traditional manufacturing method, the prototype has high reproducibility and interchangeability; the manufacturing process has nothing to do with the geometry of the prototype. The processing cycle is short, the cost is low, the general manufacturing cost is reduced by 50%, the processing cycle is shortened by more than 70%, and the technology integration is realized to realize the integration of design and manufacture.